Brianna + Steven at Rancho Soquel, Santa Cruz California | View Point Events Vintage Rentals | Rancho Soquel Weddings | Event Rentals in California

I couldn’t be more thrilled when Brianna asked us to hang chandeliers at Rancho Soquel for her wedding!  Let me explain…  Rancho Soquel is a private residence that has beautiful landscaping throughout the property.  Everywhere you look at Rancho Soquel there are bushes, trees, flowers of all different types and colors surrounding a Spanish, Tuscan style home.  The lady that owns the property loves to garden and enjoys the beauty of it.  This is her home; she opens it up for weddings throughout the year.  It is a one of a kind wedding venue and I always enjoy going to Rancho Soquel.  When Brianna wanted chandeliers hanging in the trees by the dance floor I knew it was going to be magical!  The chandeliers were a perfect touch; they sparkled all day and all night!  Thanks to Andrea from Blue Lace Photography I get to share Brianna and Steven’s wedding at Rancho Soquel.   Enjoy!